Are you owed wages?

Workers are owed the promised wages for all work time, and most workers are entitled to overtime at time and a half after 40 hours. There are exceptions, but employers often tell workers they are exempt when that is not the case. If you work more than 40 hours and don't get overtime, let us make sure you aren't entitled to back wages

Common Forms of Wage Theft

  • Most workers, even those paid on a salary basis, are entitled to overtime pay. 

  • Many companies call employees independent contractors to avoid overtime. 

  • Some workers aren't paid to travel between the office and a job site, or between job sites.

  • Time clocks often stiff employees, either by not recording time at the end of the day, or stopping during lunch even when employee works.

  • Tips are the property of the employee and cannot be shared with managers.

  • Unpaid internships that benefit the employer are usually illegal.

  • Wage and hour laws can be confusing for non-lawyers, and these examples are not meant to be legal advice. You should contact an attorney regarding your individual situation.

Class Action Litigation

Class actions allow large groups of similarly situated employees to recover unpaid wages from employers. We handle class action litigation on behalf of employees seeking remedies for violations of wage and hour laws.