Oliveira v. New Prime Inc.

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Have you worked as a driver for New Prime, Inc.? Were you ever paid less than minimum wage for all hours you worked? Were you classified as an independent contractor?

Andrew Schmidt Law PLLC filed a lawsuit, Oliveira v. New Prime, Inc., alleging that New Prime, Inc. failed to pay many of its drivers, including independent contractors, at least minimum wage for every hour they worked. If you were a driver for New Prime, including if you were labeled as an independent contractor, and want to know more, please fill out our contact form. 


Status Updates

On May 15, 2017, the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit denied New Prime, Inc.'s appeal which sought to deny Plaintiff Dominic Oliveira his day in court. A brilliant summation of the Court's decision is included on our colleague's website here. The Court's decision can be read here